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TeethXPress® Dental Implants in Miami with Dr. William P. Lamas

Prior to dental implants, when an individual was missing teeth, the only replacement options were acrylic dental prostheses like dentures, partials and flippers. Although these dental appliances serve their purpose, some patients find them challenging: Many of these patients are choosing to simplify their dental routine and regain their chewing abilities by exchanging their conventional dental appliances for TeethXPress® dental implants. These dental implants are designed to closely mimic a patient’s natural teeth, which makes them the best solution for the permanent replacement of missing teeth.

What are TeethXPress® Full-Arch Dental Implants?

The TeethXPress® dental implants consist of titanium devices that are custom-made to support dental crowns. To replace a full arch of missing teeth (on the top or on the bottom), Dr. William P. Lamas will insert from four to six titanium implants into the patient’s jawbone.

The titanium implants are unique in that they are able to bond with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration; therefore, unlike their acrylic counterparts, dental implants are a permanent solution for failing or missing teeth. Since the TeethXPress® dental implants function exactly like the natural roots of the teeth, extensive maintenance is not required. Using these revolutionary dental implants, Dr. Lamas can give you the smile you have always wanted.

The All-on-4® Technique vs. the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System

The All-on-4® and TeethXPress® procedures available at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami. When performing an All-on-4® procedure, Dr. Lamas will place an entire arch of teeth on just four implants. While these techniques are very similar to one another, during a TeethXPress® dental implant procedure, Dr. William P. Lamas may use more than four implants. These additional implants may be used to ensure the patient’s new arch of teeth (top and/or bottom) remain stable.

The All-on-4® Technique is typically recommended for individuals who have limited bone density available. Whereas, the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System is recommended to patients with an adequate amount of bone density, which ensures sufficient bonding between the implant and the natural jawbone can take place. Patients receiving either of these innovative treatments will leave Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami with a permanent, brand new set of teeth completed during a single visit.

Dental Implants and Removable Dentures: What is the Difference?

Major Drawbacks of Traditional Dental Appliances

  • Bone Deterioration

    – As an individual bites and chews, the roots of the natural teeth stimulate the portion of the jawbone that anchors the teeth (alveolar bone). Once the natural root is gone and removable acrylic dental appliances are being used, the alveolar bone is no longer being stimulated. Just like a muscle, without stimulation, the jawbone weakens. This lack of stimulation causes the bone to start deteriorating. As the bone deteriorates and breaks down, bone resorption occurs. TeethXPress® Dental implants prevent bone resorption because they replace and closely mimic the natural root; thus, preserving the jawbone through continued stimulation.

  • A Loose Fit Leads to Slipping Dental Appliances

    – As the jawbone deteriorates, it changes; however, the traditional acrylic dental appliances do not. Therefore, they begin fitting too loosely, which leads to an unintentional movement of the dental appliance. This unintentional movement may cause the individual to feel self-conscious and, when movement occurs, embarrassed.

  • Adhesives May Become a Daily Routine

    – Once the jawbone deteriorates, in order to limit the movement of their dental appliances, many people purchase dental adhesives designed to hold them in place. While these adhesives may solve part of the problem, they are messy and difficult to clean (from the gum/palate and from the dental prosthesis). Furthermore, if the seal created by the adhesive is broken, pieces of food get stuck between the gum/palate and the dental prosthesis, and pain may result: To address this problem, the individual must remove the dental appliance, clean the adhesive from the gum/palate as well as off the appliance. Finally, after completing this time-consuming task, the adhesive can be reapplied to, the prosthesis can be placed back into the mouth and then pressed firmly into place.

  • As Time Passes, Professional Realignment Will Be Required

    – Initially, despite the hassle, the dental adhesives may hold the prosthesis in place quite well; however, as time passes, the alveolar bone continues to deteriorate and professional realignment will be necessary to attain a reliable fit. At some point, realignment will no longer solve the slipping problem and a new prosthesis will need to be created. TeethXPress® dental implants are permanently placed; therefore, they are a reliable option for replacing missing teeth.

  • Lack of Alveolar Bone Stimulation Leads to An Aged Appearance

    – Although removable dental prostheses are designed to mimic natural teeth in their appearance, these appliances do not provide the patient with all of the benefits that a natural tooth or dental implant can provide: Due to the continued bone loss associated with missing teeth, the jawline begins looking hollow, which can add years to an individual’s appearance. In some cases, patients will look 10 years older than they actually are.

There are many more complaints associated with removable dental appliances, some of which include:

  • pain – due to an ill-fitting appliance;
  • gum irritation;
  • infections in the mouth;
  • difficulty biting and chewing certain foods;
  • due to the covering of the palate (i.e., roof of the mouth), food is not as savory;
  • issues related to articulation/speech problems; as well as
  • embarrassment due to unintentional sounds being made by the prosthesis (e.g., whistling, clicking and smacking).

Previously, patients had no choice but to deal with the negative aspects of removable dental prostheses; however, now that dental implants are available, patients can enjoy permanent, non-removable teeth that look and feel natural.

Dental Implants Solve Many of the Issues Related to Removable Prostheses

Some of the reasons that patients in Miami are choosing TeethXPress® and All-on-4® dental implants instead of removable prostheses to replace their missing teeth include:

  • Once a patient’s missing teeth are replaced using the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System or the All-on-4® technique, concerns related to an unstable, unpredictable dental appliance are eliminated; therefore, the patient will regain the confidence that was previously lost.
  • Since the palate is not covered by an acrylic dental appliance, patients can savor the foods they love.
  • Dental implants are permanent; therefore, patients can enjoy foods that were previously avoided because they were too difficult to eat (e.g., corn on the cob, apples, etc.).
  • There is no need for dental adhesives because the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System involves inserting a small screw made from titanium alloy into the jawbone, making the ‘roots’ of the replacement teeth just as strong as the organic roots were.
  • Dental implants are cared for just like natural teeth (e.g., brush and floss daily with professional dental cleanings biannually).
  • With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.
  • Dental implants stimulate the jawbone; thus, preventing the bone deterioration that causes the hollowing-out of the cheeks, which is an unflattering facial characteristic frequently caused by bone loss.
  • With a success rate of more than 99 percent for the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System and approximately 98 percent for the All-on-4® technique, these are both reliable solutions for missing teeth.

Who Should Consider a TeethXPress® Procedure in Miami?

Individuals who have an adequate amount of bone density and are missing any number of teeth due to disease, injury or decay should consider having the TeethXPress® Dental Implant Procedure. In addition, individuals who have a full denture that is not fitting well or who are currently in the process of losing their teeth may be good candidates for the TeethXPress® Dental Implant Procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants in General?

The majority of adults who have already lost most or all of their teeth are good candidates for dental implants.

Patients who have a moderate level of bone density are good candidates for dental implants via the TeethXPress® Dental Implant System. Patients with insufficient bone density can still have dental implants placed; however, the All-on-4® procedure will most likely be recommended.

An Initial Consultation at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami

During the consultation, Dr. William P. Lamas will examine the patient’s mouth and dental X-rays may be taken. Dr. Lamas will want to know about any medications, herbal supplements or vitamins the patient is taking. A medical history will be taken, including previous surgical procedures and treatments. He will also ask about lifestyle habits, including smoking, drinking and recreational drug use. Patients are encouraged to be open with Dr. William P. Lamas and his staff in relation to all the questions being asked: Each question is essential to ensuring the safety of the patient and the success of their TeethXPress® dental implant procedure.

As a Certified TeethXPress® Dentist in Miami, Dr. Lamas will be able to determine if this procedure is the solution for replacing the patient’s missing teeth. If this dental implant procedure is not a feasible option, he may recommend another dental implant procedure that he believes will serve the patient better.

Is a Dental Implant Procedure Painful?

Since this procedure is performed using anesthesia, pain during the procedure is not an issue. Furthermore, a variety of different sedation options are available, all of which will be discussed during the initial consultation.

The TeethXPress® Procedure with Dr. William P. Lamas in Miami

The length of this dental implant procedure varies from three to six hours and depends on the number of implants the patient is having placed.

Dr. Lamas may use the patient’s existing denture or a new dental appliance may be created at some point prior to the dental implant procedure: Having the appliance on hand allows the patient to leave the office with a full set of teeth following the TeethXPress® procedure.

Some form of anesthesia will be used during the procedure. The type of sedation that Dr. William P. Lamas recommends will be discussed prior to the dental implant procedure. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the procedure can begin.

During the TeethXPress® Dental Implant procedure at his office in Miami, Dr. Lamas will surgically insert four to six implants into the patient’s jawbone. He will also screw the abutments into the implants: These abutments support the dental prosthesis. He secures the dental prosthesis to the abutment posts using specially-designed prosthetic screws. After securing the prosthesis and the patient is fully coherent, Dr. William P. Lamas will release the patient to his or her driver.

Recovering from the TeethXPress® procedure in Miami:

  • Any discomfort following a dental implant procedure is generally minor; however, Dr. William P. Lamas will either prescribe or recommend an over-the-counter medication to treat the pain.
  • For the first two weeks following the TeethXPress® procedure, patients will use a medicated mouthwash. During this time, patients need to avoid using a water pick as well as flossing and brushing.
  • Throughout this initial healing phase, patients will be required to eat a soft diet; however, as time passes, patients can slowly begin incorporating firmer foods into their diet.
  • Once the initial two weeks have passed, patients can begin brushing their teeth and using the water pick at its lowest speed.
  • Following the initial healing phase, to ensure long-term success, good dental hygiene is essential (e.g., flossing, brushing, using a water pick, as well as biannual checkups and cleanings).
  • Most of Dr. Lamas’ patients can return to school or work the day after their TeethXPress® Dental Implant procedure.
  • Full osseointegration takes from three to six months.

The Cost of TeethXPress® Dental Implants

Each patient is unique; therefore, determining the cost of any procedure prior to an examination is not possible. To find out if a TeethXPress® procedure is an option for you, contact Lamas Dental Specialists today to schedule your consultation.

Will Dental Insurance Cover the TeethXPress® Procedure?

Some dental insurance companies do cover certain aspects of dental implant procedures.

Reasons Patients Choose Dr. William P. Lamas to Perform Their TeethXPress® Procedure

Besides his warm demeanor, caring staff and state-of-the-art facility in Miami, Dr. Lamas’ educational background as well as his dedication to the ever-changing field of Periodontology and Dental Implants has made him one of the top dental implant specialists in the Miami area. In addition, Dr. Lamas concentrates on providing patients with the highest quality and most up-to-date periodontal and dental implant treatments available in, and around Miami.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami

If you think that dental implants may be the solution you have been looking for to replace missing teeth, or you want to learn more about the other permanent dental replacement options available in Miami, contact Lamas Dental Specialists at 305-440-4114 to schedule your consultation. Our office is located at 2645 Southwest 37th Avenue, Suite 304, in Miami.


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