Full-Teeth Replacement in Miami with Dr. William P. Lamas

Previously, individuals who were missing all their teeth had two options, they could purchase an uncomfortable, ill-fitting, removable, denture or just learn how to live with only gums: Today there is a third option, Full Teeth Replacement with dental implants. For many of Dr. William P. Lamas’ patients, dental implants have become their replacement option of choice.

Dental Implants: An Innovative Solution to An Age-Old Problem

A dental implant consists of a small post that is shaped like a screw. This post can consist of the metal, titanium or of the non-metal substance, Zirconium, both of which have a unique ability to fuse with bone. This fusion process is referred to as osseointegration (osseo = bone; integration = to fuse to or join with). These posts replace the root of the missing tooth, which is the portion of the tooth that is housed beneath the gum. It is this osseointegration process that makes dental implants and their prostheses so much like natural teeth.

Dental Implants Have Revolutionized the Dental Industry

There is no doubt that the ability to permanently replace missing teeth with dental implants has revolutionized the dental industry. Dental implants have greatly improved the lives of people who have been living with only gums for years, giving them a permanent solution that is much more comfortable, reliable and secure than conventional dentures. Furthermore, implants prevent bone loss by stimulating and stabilizing the bone that surrounds them. This allows the bone to maintain its strength and dimension, which is something that the traditional, removable dental appliances cannot do.

Implant-Supported, Full-Teeth Replacement Bridges and Dentures Vs. Conventional Dentures

Dr. Lamas can eliminate all the negative aspects of conventional dentures that individuals frequently experience, and prevent those who have yet to replace their missing teeth from contending with these issues, by creating them an implant-supported, Full Teeth Replacement denture or bridge.

Bone Resorption

Although conventional dentures may feel secure directly after their creation, as time passes, the alveolar bone breaks down. This process is referred to as resorption.

During our youth the body can quickly regenerate lost bone; however, as we age, this regeneration process slows down. In addition, if the roots are no longer present to provide the alveolar bone with the stimulation it needs to remain healthy, the bone continues to break down. Unfortunately, conventional dental prostheses like dentures cannot stimulate the jawbone; therefore, the only way to preserve more of the alveolar bone is to replace some of the missing roots by opting for a Full Teeth Replacement with dental implants.

25-Year Study Finds Conventional Dentures Actually Accelerate Bone Loss

According to the 1972 study, The Continuing Reduction of the Residual Alveolar Ridges in Complete Denture Wearers: A Mixed-Longitudinal Study Covering 25-Years conducted by Antje Tallgren, L.D.S., Odont.Dr. The Royal Dental College, Copenhagen, Denmark, when a conventional denture was placed over the patient’s gum ridge within the first year following his or her tooth loss, bone resorption occurred 10 times faster than when a denture was not used during this time frame; furthermore, the alveolar bone on the lower ridge resorbed four times faster than the bone on the upper ridge that had a denture on it did.

Year After Year, More Bone is Lost…

As each year passes, additional bone is lost and the dentures begin to loosen. Since the prosthesis itself will not shrink in conjunction with the alveolar bone, the patient needs to find a way to secure his or her denture; otherwise, embarrassing mishaps from clicking sounds, to slipping appliances and more difficulty eating are inevitable. It is easy to see how issues such as these can cause an individual avoid social situations.

Once the dentures loosen, an individual can either have his or her dentures relined, try using a denture adhesive, have the dentures replaced or schedule a consultation with Dr. William P. Lamas to discuss the Full Teeth Replacement options available at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami.

During a dental implant procedure, Dr. Lamas can replace some of the roots so they can stimulate the alveolar bone, preventing further bone loss in those areas. He may use the patient’s current denture or create a new denture prior to the Full Replacement Procedure using dental implants at his office in Miami.

Bone Loss Due to Resorption Can Add Years to the Face

Another problem with traditional dentures, partials and missing teeth is that as the bone deteriorates, it adds years to the face: Over time, the alveolar bone and gums around a removable dental prosthesis or even a fixed bridge usually deteriorates. This deterioration causes the individual to develop facial characteristics that are commonly seen within the senior population: These characteristics include facial collapse, hollow-looking cheeks, lips that appear sunken-in, a collapsed bite and an unattractive smile.

Investing in Your Smile May Turn Back the Hands of Time

Many of Dr. Lamas’ patients find that they look years younger after they have their Full Teeth Replacement with dental implants. This rejuvenated appearance occurs because their jawbone is now being stimulated; therefore, instead of just resorbing and disappearing, it begins to remodel itself.

When you replace missing teeth with dental implants, normal function of the stomatognathic (stomato = mouth; gnathic = jaws) system resumes. This permanent root replacement restores lost gum tissues, which, in turn, supports the facial structures; thus, creating a more youthful appearance. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the foods you once loved eating, speak confidently, as well as smile and laugh with no concerns.

Reasons Patients Choose Dental Implants

Full bridges and dentures that are supported by implants are designed to be a permanent solution for patients with missing teeth. Full Teeth Replacement with dental implants feels just like having one’s own natural teeth again. After a short recovery period, patients can eat anything they like. Their chewing capacity and biting ability is comparable to that of their natural teeth. Furthermore, bone loss decreases because the implant-supported denture or bridge replaces some of the patient’s missing roots; thus, stimulating the alveolar bone once again.

Full-Teeth Replacement Dental Implant Options Available at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami

Dr. William P. Lamas strives to meet the needs of those who come to him seeking solutions for replacing missing or failing teeth: For this reason, he offers a variety of the most innovative dental implant procedures.

All-on-4® Method

The All-on-4® Method involves using four implants to replace all the missing teeth on the upper arch and/or four implants to replace all the missing teeth on the lower arch. Once Dr. Lamas inserts the implants into the jawbone, the bridges are attached to the dental implants. These bridges serve as a permanent solution, they are fixed in place and are not removable. Dr. William P. Lamas can perform an upper arch and lower arch Full Replacement All-on-4® Procedure during a single session.

Benefits of the All-on-4® Method for Full Replacement at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami include:

  • Dr. Lamas can replace the entire upper and/or lower arch at the same time.
  • Further bone loss and discomfort due to continued denture use is prevented.
  • Slipping is of no concern.
  • Natural-looking results.
  • A cost-effective, permanent solution.
  • Faster treatment with a quicker healing time.
  • Custom-made dental appliances to complement each patient’s individual smile.

Patients leave Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami after their procedure with natural-looking, temporary dental prostheses and return to the office at a later date so that Dr. William P. Lamas can secure their permanent, custom-designed dental appliances.

Who is a Good Candidate for the All-on-4® Method?

This method is ideal for most patients because it virtually eliminates the need for bone grafting; thus, decreasing he amount of time the patient needs for recovery. This option is also good for individuals who do not have the time for multiple visits and want to have their procedure completed quickly. If you want to replace your conventional denture or failing teeth with non-removable, natural-looking dental implants, the All-on-4® Method may be the procedure for you. To learn more, contact Lamas Dental Specialists at 305-440-4114 to schedule your consultation today.

The Same-Day, Full-Teeth Replacement Technique

This technique is designed to maximize the available bone by using just four dental implants per arch (four on the lower arch and/or four on the upper arch). Once the implants are inserted, the prosthesis is immediately attached and the patient leaves the office with a brand-new smile. This technique is very similar to the All-on-4® Method.

Benefits of the Same-Day Full-Teeth Replacement Technique include:

  • immediate results;
  • implants can be placed directly after an extraction; and
  • only requires four implants per arch (i.e., lower denture and/or upper denture).

Who is a Good Candidate for the Same-Day Technique?

An individual who needs extractions and does not want to wear a removable prosthesis or someone who would like to replace a removable prosthesis. An individual who would like to improve his or her speech and/or chewing abilities. A good candidate for this procedure is someone who has minimal to no bone loss.

Full Teeth Replacement with TeethXPress® Full-Arch Dental Implants

The TeethXPress® Dental Implant System and the All-on-4® Method are also very similar; however, Dr. Lamas may use more than four dental implants when performing a TeethXPress® procedure. The TeethXPress® procedure involves using four to six custom-made titanium implants to support a dental prosthesis that is specifically designed to replace a patient’s full arch (upper and/or lower).

This procedure is typically recommended for patients who have a sufficient amount of jawbone remaining, as this ensures that adequate bonding between the natural jawbone and the titanium implant can occur.

A Full Teeth Replacement with a Fixed Bridge and Crown

This method involves placing at least six implants and securely fastening the prosthesis to the implants using precision screws or cement. These bridges and crowns are not removable.

Full Teeth Replacement with an Implant Bar

While some patients prefer to use the special dental flosses (i.e., Super Floss, etc.) and/or Water Pics for cleaning in between their dental implants and their prostheses, some of Dr. Lamas’ patients prefer to remove their dentures from their mouth to clean them. For these patients, the implant bar gives them the best of both worlds.

This dental implant design requires that a bar be connected to the dental implants. The patient’s denture features clips that attach to the bar. Thus, offering the denture the support it needs to remain in place, yet allowing the patient to remove the denture for cleaning purposes.

An Implant-Retained Denture

This technique is quite similar to the Implant Bar Dental Implant technique. It involves creating a denture with special attachments that are designed to snap securely onto two (or more) dental implants. This technique also allows the patient to remove the denture for daily cleaning.

Your Consultation at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami

During your consultation with Dr. William P. Lamas at his office in Miami, he will ask questions related to your medical and dental history. At this time, please inform him if you have any chronic conditions (i.e., hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) as well as if you take any over-the-counter and/or prescription medications on a regular basis.

Dr. Lamas will perform a detailed facial and oral examination during this consultation. This examination is essential in determining which Full-Teeth Replacement Dental Implant Procedure will provide you with optimal results. It is not uncommon for patients to feel anxious about this examination; however, please keep in mind that we work with people who have dental issues every day. At Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami, our goal is to help you attain a beautiful smile, give you the ability to laugh-out-loud with confidence and speak with self-assurance.

Once the examination is complete, Dr. William P. Lamas may order a Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan). This is a 3D X-ray of the jawbone. He may request several different views of the jawbone. Dr. Lamas will use these pictures to attain crucial information to determine which dental implant procedure will provide you with the best results.

These X-rays will also be used when he is determining implant placement. Some of the critical surgical information that Dr. Lamas ascertains from these scans includes where your nerves and bone sinuses are located. Having this information ensures that when he performs your Full Teeth Replacement with dental implants, these areas are avoided.

Now, Dr. William P. Lamas may create a computer simulation of where your implants will be placed. This simulation allows him to digitally position the implants at the locations in the jawbone that will provide you with the most support.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Lamas any questions you have about dental implants and the procedure itself during your initial consultation.

Sedation Options Available at Lamas Dental Specialists

At Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami, we offer our patients a variety of sedation options, including:

  • Twilight Sedation (IV Conscious Sedation)

    – this is considered a moderate sedation and is given through a vein. It works quickly and allows Dr. William P. Lamas to adjust its level throughout the procedure.

  • Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen-Inhalation Conscious Sedation)

    – this sedation is considered minimal and is inhaled through a mask placed over the nose. The nitrous oxide gas is mixed with oxygen, Dr. Lamas controls the amount of gas the patient receives during the procedure.

  • Orally-Administered Sedation

    – this type of sedation can be minimal to moderate and involves taking a pill. Typically, the pill is taken approximately an hour before the dental procedure is set to begin. It will make the patient feel drowsy. If a larger dose is given, the patient may fall asleep; however, he or she can easily be awakened with just a gentle shake.

The Steps of a General Dental Implant Procedure at Lamas Dental Specialists

1. At Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami, our patients arrive for their dental implant procedure in the morning and then leave in the afternoon with a brand-new smile.

2. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the dental implant procedure can begin: At this point, experience with dental implant placement is crucial. Achieving optimal results requires strategic placement of the implants and artistic vision. Furthermore, the implants must be placed at a particular angle. In addition, it is critical that the sinus cavities and alveolar nerve are avoided while inserting the patient’s implants.

3. If extractions need to be made, Dr. William P. Lamas will make those at this time. He will then begin the implant insertion process.

4. Once any extractions have been made, the implants are gently inserted into the jawbone.

5. After inserting the implants, Dr. Lamas can place the full-arch prosthesis. This prosthesis consists of teeth that are bonded together from one to the next. They span from one side of the patient’s mouth to the other. Therefore, this prosthesis is essentially a single unit.

6. If an implant bar for a denture or an implant-retained denture is used, these prostheses are not permanent and can be removed for cleaning purposes.

7. In time, the body creates new bone around the dental implants. Once this fusion process is complete, these roots are usually as strong, if not stronger than the patient’s natural roots were.

8. Once the procedure is complete and the patient is awake, Dr. William P. Lamas discusses any restrictions with the patient and answers any questions he or she may have.

9. Eventually, the patient is released to his or her driver with a set of instructions related to recovering from the dental implant procedure.

Recovering After Your Full-Teeth Replacement Dental Implant Surgery with Dr. Lamas

The recovery period following dental implant surgery is relatively short. Initially, patients need to consume a soft diet that includes foods like pudding, mashed potatoes, gelatin, protein shakes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, cottage cheese, etc. Dr. William P. Lamas will give you a time frame for this diet (typically, patients remain on this diet no longer than 2 weeks).

Benefits many patients enjoy following their Full Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants include:

  • natural-looking results immediately following their procedure;
  • improved self-esteem;
  • reduced anxiety in social situations;
  • permanent results (with proper care);
  • the ability to once again eat all the foods they love (once healing is complete);
  • improved speech; as well as
  • the ability to laugh and smile with confidence.

Many of Dr. William P. Lamas’ patients state that Full-Teeth Replacement surgery with dental implants has greatly improved the quality of their lives.

Cost of the Dental Implant Procedure

Unfortunately, dental insurance usually does not cover dental implant surgery; even so, Dr. Lamas recommends that his patients contact their dental insurance providers to inquire as to what their specific plan will cover.

Dentures Vs. Dental Implants: A Cost Comparison

Although it may seem as if dentures are more affordable than implants are, once the cost of continually purchasing denture adhesives and special cleaning solutions as well as going through the hassle of and considering the additional cost of having the denture relined, and recurring need to order replacement dentures periodically are taken into account, the costs associated with dentures begin to rise.

As each patient is unique, we will need to determine how much your Full Teeth Replacement with Dental Implants would cost during your consultation with Dr. William P. Lamas.

Payment Options at Lamas Dental Specialists in Miami

We Accept:

  • Dental Insurance

    – when applicable

  • American Express

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover

Other Payment Options That Are Specifically Designed for Patients:

  • CareCredit

    – a credit card specifically designed for medical expenses with payments based on the patient’s specific financial circumstances.

  • GreenSky

    – this company is similar to CareCredit and offers patients a loan to pay for their medical needs.

Reasons People Choose Dr. Lamas to Perform Their Full Teeth Replacement

Besides Dr. William P. Lamas’ dedication to his patients, his warm demeanor, caring staff and state-of-the-art facility, patients choose Dr. Lamas because of his educational background, artistic vision and desire to stay abreast of the continuous changes occurring within the field of Periodontology and Dental Implants.

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. William P. Lamas Today

At Lamas Dental Specialists, we concentrate on providing each of our patients with custom-designed treatment plans that consist of the most innovative periodontal and dental implant treatments available.

If you are missing all your teeth, they are currently failing you, or you wear traditional dentures, we may be able to provide you with a permanent, natural-looking solution. As an experienced Periodontist and Dental Implant Surgeon, Dr. Lamas has the skill and artistic vision to create you a beautiful set of new, functional, natural-looking teeth.

Dr. William P. Lamas can usually complete a dental implant procedure for an entire upper and/or lower arch in a single surgical session. To learn more, please contact Lamas Dental Specialists today to schedule your initial consultation. We are located at 2645 Southwest 37th Avenue, Suite 304, in Miami. Our phone number is 305-440-4114.


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