Florida Keys – Laser Gum Contouring

If you are unhappy because you have a gummy-looking smile that makes your teeth appear too small, or you have an uneven gum line, you may be a good candidate for laser gum contouring with the FDA-approved, Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure® (LANAP®). Dr. William P. Lamas is a Doctor of Dental Medicine and a Certified LANAP® Laser Periodontal Therapy Clinician with an office in Miami, near the Florida Keys. He performs this innovative procedure to help individuals improve their smiles.

You should consider laser gum contouring if:

  • you have a gummy-looking smile;
  • your teeth appear too small;
  • you have an uneven gum line;
  • your teeth look short/stubby; and/or
  • your gums look swollen.

What Causes a Gummy-Looking Smile?

If gingival tissue (gum tissue) overgrows, the gum tissue begins to cover the teeth. The development of this excess tissue may be due to a prescription medication you are taking, you may have inherited this trait or you could have some type of health issue that is causing your gum tissue to overgrow. Left untreated, this overgrown tissue may hold tartar and bacteria beneath the gum line; thus, increasing your likelihood of developing periodontitis (gum disease). In addition, this overgrowth can accelerate tooth decay.

A Minimally-Invasive Procedure to Address Overgrown Gingival Tissue, Near the Florida Keys

Laser gum contouring is an innovative procedure that Dr. William P. Lamas performs at his Miami office, near the Florida Keys. He uses the LANAP® Treatment Protocol to remove excess gingival tissue; thus, exposing the portion of the patient’s teeth that is being hidden beneath this overgrown tissue. The LANAP® procedure is a safe, virtually painless procedure that offers a high rate of success.

Prior to lasers, gum contouring was performed using scalpels. Incisions were required and so were stitches. Advancements in the field of cosmetic dentistry have changed many of these procedures, making them much less invasive.

What are the Benefits of Laser Gum Contouring in Miami, Near the Keys?

With laser gum contouring, Dr. Lamas addresses an uneven and/or overgrown line of gingival tissue by carefully removing it using a laser for contouring. Drastic results can be achieved even when very small amounts of tissue are removed. As such, many patients attain the results they desire with a single laser contouring session.

When you have excess gingival tissue, maintaining good oral hygiene is challenging; therefore, having laser gum contouring early on may prevent the onset of future dental problems, including periodontitis. As such, besides enhancing your smile, laser contouring can improve the overall health of your mouth and gingival tissue.

An Initial Consultation for Laser Gum Contouring with Dr. Lamas at His Miami Office, Near the Florida Keys

At your consultation, please be prepared to fill out some paperwork related to your medical history, medications and any previous dental issues. Dr. William P. Lamas will examine your mouth. He may want to take X-rays to evaluate the overall structure of your jawbone and teeth.

If Dr. Lamas believes you are a good candidate for laser contouring, and you decide to go forward with treatment at his Miami office, near the Keys, he will create you a personalized treatment plan.

If any other dental issues are present, they will be discussed at this time as well. Once your treatment plan is created, your laser gum contouring procedure can be scheduled.

Laser Gum Contouring Using the LANAP® Treatment Protocol in Miami, Near the Keys

To ensure you remain comfortable and pain-free throughout your laser contouring procedure, Dr. William P. Lamas will give you local anesthesia. He may create notations on your gingival tissue using a marker specifically designed for dental professionals to use in the mouth. These marks help to guide him as he performs your laser gum contouring procedure. When the anesthesia has taken effect, the procedure begins.

Dr. Lamas uses a tiny laser – that is approximately the thickness of three human hairs – to perform this procedure. The LANAP® laser beam is extremely precise; thus, allowing Dr. Lamas to have complete control over each movement to ensure that changes are only made to the portions of the patient’s gingival tissue that need to be addressed.

He will aim the laser at the area of overgrown tissue and, without the need for incisions, remove that excess tissue. Directly following gingival tissue removal, the laser seals the area. The immediate closure of these areas eliminates concerns related to infection and bleeding. Furthermore, no sutures are required.

Once your gum contouring procedure with Dr. Lamas at his office near the Florida Keys is complete, you will be able to drive yourself home, return to work or to school.

Risks Associated with Laser Gum Contouring in Miami, Near the Florida Keys

There are very few risks associated with laser gum contouring; however, the likelihood of experiencing a complication is low. Even so, it is still important to know the potential complications whenever considering any procedure.

Potential complications include:

  • an allergic reaction to the anesthesia; and/or
  • the removed gingival tissue grows back.

Recovery Following Laser Gum Contouring with Dr. Lamas, Near the Keys

Recovery after a LANAP® procedure in Miami, near the Keys, is extremely short-lived. You may experience some tenderness following your laser gum contouring procedure, which can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medication. Swelling and slight discomfort may linger for up to a week; however, these symptoms are also easily treated with over-the-counter medications.

Helpful Recovery Tips and Suggestions

If Possible, Take the Day Off

Although you could return to work or school after your procedure, on the day of your laser contouring session, it is better if you can just limit your activity and rest. By relaxing, your body can heal itself more easily. In addition, many patients find that they feel less stressed before and after their session when they know they are just returning home for the remainder of the day.

A Soft Diet is Beneficial

Consider eating a soft diet for a few days. Eating a soft diet for a day or two limits the risk of poking or putting excessive pressure on your gums, giving them a little extra time to heal. Cool, soft foods are very gentle on the gingival tissue as it heals.

Acceptable soft foods include:

  • gelatin;
  • mashed potatoes – with or without gravy;
  • pudding;
  • smooth ice cream – without nuts, chocolate pieces or fruit;
  • applesauce;
  • pasta;
  • scrambled eggs;
  • yogurt – that does not contain a fruit with tiny seeds (e.g., strawberries); and
  • soft vegetables.

You should avoid eating foods with tiny seeds – such as strawberries, poppy seed bagels and kiwis – these seeds may get underneath the gingival tissue as it is trying to heal. In addition, hold off on eating spicy foods until your gums have healed completely.

Prevent Infection and Encourage Healing Using Saline Rinses

Keeping your gingival tissue clean to prevent infection and encourage healing can be accomplished by gently rinsing your mouth after eating. Whether you consume a meal or a snack, you need to use a saline rinse to loosen the food residue remaining in your mouth so you can spit it out.

You can create a saline rinse by combining:

  • 8 fl oz. of warm water;
  • 1 tsp of salt; and
  • a capful of hydrogen peroxide.

Whenever you think that your mouth would benefit from this rinse, feel free to use it, just remember to rinse gently.

Over-the-Counter Medication for Tenderness

If you are experiencing any tenderness, you may be able to take over-the-counter medication (e.g., Motrin/Advil); however, unless previously discussed, if you are currently taking other medications or you are allergic to the medications listed here be sure to speak with your physician and/or pharmacist before taking any kind of pain medicine.

Scabbing is Expected

As a natural part of the healing process, there will be some scabbing: There is no need for concern as this scabbing will not affect the way your gingival tissue will look once the healing process is complete.

Results are Visible Immediately Following Your Laser Gum Contouring Procedure in Miami, Near the Florida Keys

Dr. William P. Lamas chooses to perform laser gum contouring procedures at his Miami office, near the Keys, to help his patients regain confidence so they can enjoy smiling and laughing once again.

Following a laser gum contouring procedure, the natural teeth that were hidden beneath the gingival tissue become visible, resulting in a bigger, brighter and more balanced looking smile. And, for the majority of people, the results attained during a laser gum contouring procedure are permanent.

Why People in and Around Miami, Including the Keys, Choose Lamas Dental Specialists

Dr. William P. Lamas has been serving South Florida for more than 20 years. His devotion to provide his patients with the most technologically-advanced dental treatments available has made him one of the top periodontists in Miami and its surrounding areas, including the Florida Keys. At Lamas Dental Specialists, each staff member is dedicated to providing patients with the high-quality, compassionate care they deserve.

If you would like to learn more about the innovative dental procedures that Dr. Lamas specializes in, please contact his Miami office at 305-440-4114 to schedule your complimentary, no obligation, consultation.